Koh Phangan

To many people the name Koh Phangan is synonymous to the world famous Full Moon Party. To some the name Koh Phangan brings back the memory of old days when the laid back backpackers were visiting the island and stayed there for long periods doing basically nothing. 

More and more, the island Phangan is maturing from a tourism point of view to an all-round holiday destination having a lot to offer to travelers of all budgets and interests. Be it the beach worshiper seeking crystal clear water and white sands, or the nature-loving adventurist looking to discover unspoiled rain forest, all  expections can be met on Koh Phangan. With accommodation ranging from budget  dorms to 5 star secluded  resorts lying in a private bay, the island can cater to all needs.

This is the island that is characterized by variety. The Party oriented Haad Rin Beach at the southern end is just 30 minutes away from more deserted beaches up north like Haad Yao or Haad Salad.  The charming little town of Thong Sala offers all the shops and facilities needed by the modern man. 

There is a lot of information about Koh Phangan available on the web. Instead of repeating all that stuff in this section, we will present you some of the gems of our beautiful island.



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