Commonly people associate Thailand with Thai massage. What many don't know is that the Thai massage is actually a synthesis of Indian yoga and Chinese acupressure. It is said that this method was first engineered 2500 years ago by the personal physician of the Buddha. It is sometimes referred to as assisted yoga. More info on the back ground of yoga massage can be found on following links:


In the old days the knowledge of yoga massage was taught by Buddhist monks to Buddhist monks. Nowadays you can enjoy an adequate yoga massage course at a number of recognized institutes. More info can be found on following link:

Yoga massage or assisted yoga is fully integrated in Thai society. Because of it's health benefits, it is usually prescribed by Thai physicians for all kind of ailments. In general, eastern style physicians are trained to find and treat the ailment at the source, whereas western style physicians are trained to suppress the effect of the ailment. More info on the health benefits of yoga massage can be found on following links:

You can enjoy a good Thai yoga massage at any massage studio you can find. Rest assured that none of them will offer you a happy ending, as long as you make sure that the therapists are not clothed as bar dancers. But you don't need to be a rocket scientist to see that of course.