Restaurant Menu

A holiday in Thailand would not be complete without Thai Food. In the restaurant our mission is to let you experience the authentique Thai Cuisine. Our Cook, khun Khiao soes not compromise on the thai herbs and spices except for the amount of chillies so that you get the real taste of Thailand. 

Of course  we realize the need of some of our guests, who after a couple of weeks from home crave for their homely food. In order to cater to all needs and wishes, we aslo have some simple European dishes on the menu, which we want to elaborate further in the future.

The food in our restaurant is prepared with a lot of care, and most herbs are grown in a little yard on our own property, so the freshness is guaranteed. For example if you order the Papaya Salad (Som Tam) you wil see the assistant cook run into the garden to get a fresh papaya from the tree. we also have some fruit trees in our garden, and when the season allows it, we also serve our home grown fruits.


If you have booked a room with us, the breakfast buffet is complimentary. We serve a breakfast buffet with coffee and tea, toast with butter and jam, and fresh fruits. Additionally one could order eggs, ham, bacon and sausages.

Main Dishes

On our menucard you will find the traditional Thai Dishes such as (selection):

  • Red Curry Fried Shrimp with Rice (Phad Phed Kung)
  • Fried Chicken WIth Basil Leaf (Khra Paw Kai)
  • Chicken Sweet and Sour with Rice (Kai Priaw Waan)
  • Coconut Milk Soup with Chicken (Tom Kha Kai)
  • Hot and Spicy Soup with Shrimp (Tom Yam Kung)
  • Fried Rice with Egg and Seafood (Khao Phad Thalay)
  • Spicy Papaya Salad (Som Tam)


Vegetarian Food

The healthy trend of vegetarian food has also found its way into Amaresa Resort's kitchen and we have a good choice of Vegetarian Dishes to offer you. In fact there are a number of Thai people who are vegetarians (Kin Che) due to the Buddhist infliuence so vegetarian food is well establishes in the Thai Cuisine. Here is a selection of the dishes we offer:

  • Fried Taofu/ vega chicken with Basil Leaf with Rice (Kra Paw Tahu/ Kai Jee)
  • Fried Taofu/ vega chicken with Red Curry with Rice (Phad Phed Tahu/ Kai Jee)
  • Fried Rice with Vegetables & Taofu (Khao Phad Tahu)
  • Curry with Coconut Milk with Taofu (Tahu Massaman)
  • Fried Mixed Vegetables (Phad Phak)



Feel hungry but don't want to go for a full meal? Try one of our fresh salads (tuna or egg salad), Sandwiches or French Fries.