Our Packages

Wouldn't it be nice if you had a friend, who would take you by the hand and tour you around on your favorite tropical island? Someone, who would know all the nice places, where you can find all the delicious food, or enjoy the best relaxing traditional massage, or who would take you out snorkeling at the most beautiful places.

Did you ever had the desire to get to know your Thailand at the core of the Thai society? To get to know the basics of Thai Yoga massage, or to unveil the secrets of the Thai cuisine? Or even get to know how it feels to excersize Muay Thai boxing, the very essence of the Thai society?

Well, dear friend, you need not look any further. We took the liberty of composing some specially tailored packages for you:

  1. Wellness;
  2. Nature & Mindfullness;
  3. Health;
  4. Thai Tradition;
  5. Festive.
All our packages include a 4 day (3 nights) stay at our new AC bungalows with breakfast and dinner. You will find a description of the day to day program of the packages in menu on the left side of this page.


The price of all packages depend on the type of accommodation and are strictly valid for the period between full moon parties:

  • Garden View Bungalow: 9990 THB;
  • Ocean View Bungalow: 10990 THB.

 For full moon party dates, see following link: Full Moon Party dates

Additionally, all packages include our regular services:

  • Free transfer from and to the ferry at Haad Rin;
  • Free transfer to the services as specified in the packages;
  • Free, scheduled transfer to Haad Rin town;
  • Free wi-fi at the sky bar.