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Rao theaw duaykan

We are most happy to have joined the National program “Rao Thieu Duaykan” in which Thai Nationals can book a holiday at our Amaresa Resort & Skybar and enjoy a discount of 40% through the generous support of the Thai Government.

From July 15th, Thai people can apply for a Government subsidy, to cover part of their hotel and food expenses for travel out of their home provinces, under the “Rao Thieu Duaykan” (We Tour Together) program, created to boost a domestic tourism industry hard hit by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Booking a room at our Resort through the Rao thieu Duaykan program is very easy through the special website that is launched by the Thai Government https://search-merchant.xn--12c1bik6bbd8ab6hd1b5jc6jta.com/shop/4520556554da5dc08d72a6a763f6bdcd

 To make a booking please follow the steps below. For enquiries or more information you can also email us at info@amaresa.nl or call us at 085-079 1869.


·        ไปที่ https://search-merchant.xn--12c1bik6bbd8ab6hd1b5jc6jta.com/shop/4520556554da5dc08d72a6a763f6bdcd

·        เลือกโรงแรมที่ต้องการเข้าพัก  choose the hotel

·        คลิกปุ่มจองตรงกับทางโรงแรมหรือจองผ่านอโกด้า click on booking botton

·        ใส่เลขท้ายบัตรประชาชน 4 ตัวหลังเพื่อยืนยันตัวตน put last 4 digits of your id

·        เลือกห้องพัก choose the room

·        ทำการชำระเงินค่าห้องพัก  pay for the booking

·        เมื่อไปถึงที่พักเช็คอินด้วยการสแกน QR code    you will receive QR code for check in.

The program allows bookings till 31 October 2020, so we hope to welcome you soon at Amaresa Resort!


Find yourself relaxing in a hammock at your bungalow, gazing at the sea and listening to the sound of the ocean waves breaking against the coastline consisting of rocks and cliffs. Allow yourself to be lost in the moment. Refresh your body and soul during a Yoga Session at the yoga platform by the sea-side.

Enjoy an ice-cold beer or watermelon shake at the sky bar overlooking the sunset and the contours of the Island Koh Samui on the west side and the Haad Rin Beach on the East side. Connect to our wi-fi network with your laptop and stay in touch with your family and friends back home. At night, keep an eye out for the shooting stars during the star spotting sessions. 

For additional information about us, check out our facebook page at: AmaresA Resort Facebook.

Also check us out on Instagram: @amaresaresort